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Instituto Gallego de Física de Altas Energías (IGFAE)

Seminars and Courses (Theory)


14 Jul 05
Brijesh Srivastava (Purdue University)
Fluctuations and correlations in STAR.
4 Jul 05
Johanna Erdmenger (Max Planck Inst., Munich)
Spectral flow, Higgs potential and thermal phase transtion in gauge/gravity duals with flavour.
29 Jun 05
José M. Izquierdo (Univ. Valladolid)
Some aspects of the relation between the M-theory superalgebra and D=11 supergravity.
23 Jun 05
Ricardo Schiappa (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa)
BRST cohomology of pure spinors.
14 Jun 05 / 16 Jun 05
Dario Martelli (CERN)
Three lectures on New results in AdS/CFT and Sasaki-Einstein geometry.
3 Jun 05
Jose Barbón (Univ. Autónoma de Madrid)
Topology and Unitarity in Quantum Black Holes.
26 May 05
Guy de Teramond (Univ. Costa Rica)
A Holographic Dual of QCD.
18 May 05
Aldo Cotrone (Univ. de Barcelona)
New checks of AdS/CFT and a-maximization.
10 May 05
Stanislav Kuperstein (Tel Aviv Univ.)
Non critical supergravity.
26 Apr 05
Alex Pomarol (Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona)
Chiral symmetry breaking from five dimensional spaces.
20 Apr 05
Michela Petrini (École Polytechnique & Univ. Tours)
A family of deformations of the Klebanov-Strassler solution.
12 Apr 05
Carlos Herdeiro (Univ. Porto)
Chronology Protection Conjecture in String Theory.
5 Apr 05
Ángel Paredes (École Polytechnique)
AdS/CFT stories in noncritical dimensions.
30 Mar 05
Jan de Boer (Univ. Amsterdam)
The topological G2 string.
29 Mar 05
Jan de Boer (Univ. Amsterdam)
String Theory: an update.
18 Mar 05
Magno V.T. Machado (Univ. Estadual do Río Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre)
Ultra-High energy neutrinos and nonlinear perturbative QCD.
17 Mar 05
Magno V.T. Machado (Univ. Estadual do Río Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre)
Heavy quarks and vector mesons photoproduction in ultra peripheral heavy ions collisions/energetic protons.
16 Mar 05
Alfonso V. Ramallo (Univ. Santiago de Compostela)
Adding open string modes to the gauge/gravity correspondence.
7 Mar 05
Christoph Adam (Univ. Santiago de Compostela)
Knot soliton models, submodels, and their symmetries.
18 Feb 05
Juan L. Mañes (Univ. País Vasco)
Portrait of the string as a random walk.
16 Feb 05 / 18 Feb 05
Kostas Skenderis (Univ. Amsterdam)
Three lectures on Holographic Renormalization.
15 Feb 05
Javier López Albacete (Univ. Córdoba)
Saturation in high-energy QCD: The BK equation.
1 Feb 05
Carlos Salgado (CERN)
QCD at the LHC: new tools and new hopes.
26 Jan 05
Nick Evans (Univ. Southampton)
A gravity dual description of chiral symmetry breaking.
23 Nov 04
Mariana Graña (École Normale Supérieure, Paris)
Supersymmetric Backgrounds from Generalized Calabi-Yau Manifolds.
18 Nov 04
G. H. Arakelyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia)
Inclusive hadroproduction of Ds-mesons.
12 Nov 04
Larry McLerran (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York)
Color Glass Condensate and Evolution at Small x.
11 Nov 04
David d'Enterria (Nevis Labs, Columbia Univ., New York)
Status of Quark-Gluon Plasma at RHIC.
27 Oct 04
Konstandinos Sfetsos (Univ. Patras)
On branes, gauge/gravity correspondence and time dependence.
14 Oct 04
Daniele Amati (SISSA, Trieste)
La emergencia del ser humano.
15 Sept 04
Justo López-Sarrión (Univ. Zaragoza)
Adiabatic approximation in quantum field theory.
8 Sept 04
Sean Hartnoll (DAMTP, Univ. Cambridge, UK)
The chiral anomaly, dualities and M theory.
1 Jul 04
Sergey Baranov (P.N. Lebedev Inst. of Physics-Russian Acad. Sci., Moscow)
Quarkonium production at modern colliders in view of the kT-factorization approach.
30 Jun 04
Antonio Dobado (Univ. Complutense, Madrid)
Branons in Particle Physics and Cosmology.
31 May 04
A. K. Chaudhuri (Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata)
High pT supression at RHIC and jet quenching.
12 May 04
Marcos Pérez (La Casa de las Ciencias, La Coruña)
Donde hay vacas, hay hierba. La búsqueda de vida extraterrestre.