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Seminars and Courses (Theory)


27 Jul 12
Michael Strickland (Gettysburg College, USA)
The chromo-Weibel instability in an expanding background.
17 Jul 12
Efrain J. Ferrer (Univ. of Texas, El Paso)
Magnetism in cold-dense QCD.
10 Jul 12
Riccardo Argurio (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
Holographic correlators for general gauge mediation.
6 Jul 12
Andrey Zayakin (INFN, Univ. Perugia)
One-loop three-point functions of BMN operators at weak and strong coupling.
18 Jun 12
Pía Zurita (Univ. Buenos Aires)
Global analysis of nuclear PDFs.
12 Jun 12
Guillermo Silva (Univ. La Plata)
Fermionic fluctuations of D-branes.
29 May 12
Eoin Ó Colgáin (Univ. Oviedo)
Non-Abelian T-duality, consistent truncations and type II supergravity.
24 May 12
Joaquim Gomis (Univ. Barcelona)
Non-linear realizations, Goldstone bosons of broken Lorentz rotations and effective actions for p-branes.
26 Apr 12
Fabio Domínguez (CEA, Saclay)
Multiple particle production in the presence of saturation.
12 Apr 12
Ante Bilandzic (Niels Bohr Institute, Univ. Copenhagen)
Anisotropic flow measurements in ALICE at the Large Hadron Collider.
10 Apr 12
Josep M. Pons (Univ. Barcelona)
A fresh look at the Einstein-Palatini formalism for general relativity.
28 Mar 12
Kalle Kytölä (Dep. Mathematics and Statistics, Univ. Helsinki)
Interface in critical 2D Ising model with plus-minus-free boundary conditions.
27 Mar 12
Matti Järvinen (Univ. Crete)
Holographic models of QCD in the Veneziano limit.
26 Mar 12
Carlos Núñez (Univ. Wales, Swansea)
Aspects of gauge/strings duality.
23 Mar 12
Tzevetalina Stavreva (LPSC, Univ. Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)
Prompt photon & heavy quark production in pp, pA and AA collisions.
15 Mar 12
Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos (ECT, Trento)
Higher-point correlations in the Color Glass Condensate.
8 Mar 12
Tuomas Lappi (Univ. Jyväskylä & Helsinki Institute of Physics)
Multigluon correlations in the Color Glass Condensate.
7 Mar 12
Noppadol Mekareeya (Werner Heisenberg Institute, MPI, Munich)
Universalities of theories with tri-vertices.
1 Mar 12
Gregory Soyez (IPT, CEA Saclay)
Modern jet finding.
23 Feb 12
Andrea Beraudo (CERN PH-TH)
Hard probes in AA collisions: general overview and recent developments.
16 Feb 12
César Fosco (Inst. Balseiro, Bariloche)
A derivative expansion for the Casimir effect.
14 Feb 12
Marco Bianchi (Univ. Oviedo)
Properties of ABJM amplitudes.
3 Feb 12
Matthew Lippert (Univ. Crete)
A holographic model of the integer quantum Hall effect.
2 Feb 12
Nan Su (Univ. Bielefeld)
QCD thermodynamics at intermediate coupling.
25 Jan 12
Andrés Anabalón (Univ. Adolfo Ibáñez, Viña del Mar)
Asymptotically (A)dS4 black holes and wormholes with a self interacting scalar field.
11 Jan 12
Stefano Cremonesi (Imperial College, London)
AdS4/CFT3 and (wrapped) D6-branes.
22 Dec 11
Jorge Casalderrey-Solana (Univ. Barcelona)
Off-diagonal susceptibilities from AdS/CFT.
15 Dec 11
Balt van Rees (YITP, State Univ. New York, Stony Brook)
Holographic renormalization, irrelevant deformations and non-AlAdS spacetimes.
13 Dec 11
Sheldon Glashow (Boston University)
Tests of Lorentz symmetry and the OPERA results on the speed of neutrinos.
12 Dec 11
Michael Schmelling (Max Planck Inst. for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)
Prospects for pA-physics with LHCb.
2 Dec 11
Nikos Karaiskos (Univ. Patras)
Different brane wrappings and their implications.
30 Nov 11
Jussi Auvinen (Univ. Jyväskylä)
A Monte Carlo simulation for the hard parton elastic energy loss in a strongly interacting medium.
24 Nov 11
John Idárraga (Paris XI, Orsay)
Testbeam FE-I3 and FE-I4 data analysis with planar and 3D sensors.
24 Nov 11
Paolo Castorina (INFN, Univ. Catania)
QCD equation of state at finite temperature - An open problem.
23 Nov 11
Roger Penrose (Univ. Oxford)
Conformal cyclic cosmology.
15 Nov 11
Redamy Pérez Ramos (IFIC, Univ. Valencia)
From QCD color coherence to inclusive distributions and correlations in parton showers.
2 Nov 11
Nicolas Orantin (IST, Lisbon)
Topological recursions in mathematical physics.
27 Oct 11
Andrei L. Kataev (INR, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
New realization of conformal symmetry breaking in perturbative QCD.
21 Oct 11
George Moschelli (Frankfurt IAS, JW Goethe Univ.)
Fluctuation and flow probes of early-time correlations.
3 Oct 11
Leticia Cunqueiro (INFN, Frascati)
Jet physics with ALICE.
29 Sep 11
Matthew Luzum (CEA, Saclay)
Hydrodynamics, flow, and flow fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions.
28 Sep 11
Andrzej Wereszczynski (Jagiellonian Univ.)
Towards 3-point correlation functions of heavy operators.
27 Sep 11
Antonio Ortiz (CERN & UNAM, México)
Global properties of minimum bias pp collisions in ALICE.
19 Sep 11
Jorge Zanelli (CECS, Valdivia)
Supersymmetry of a different sort.

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